Our Care Philosophy

We believe in relationship centred care. Our aged care philosophy supports the relationships that exist and develop between staff, volunteers, residents and their families.

We provide homes where residents feel safe and engaged with their daily lives. We empower our residents to make choices on their level of participation in activities and events, both within Braemar and when engaging with the wider community.

Our team works with residents to help them celebrate their lives, while creating events and activities that enrich their day, with the aim to give everyone living at Braemar something positive to strive for.

Care and Friendship

The Braemar team are committed to making our residents’ time engaging and enjoyable.

Our team uphold the values of “Care and Friendship” which stand for Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Empathy and Friendship.

These values are:

  • Commitment “I act with pride and passion”
  • Accountability “I own my own actions”
  • Respect “I may have a different point of view, but I will listen to, acknowledge and include you”
  • Empathy “I understand and share your feelings”
  • Friendship “I value everything you have to offer”