COVID-19 Update 32: 12 July 2021

To Residents, Relatives, Representatives, Friends, Staff and Volunteers

Welcome back to all our visitors, time to get vaccinated against COVID-19

Hello to everyone

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support and actions to keep our care community safe. Western Australians have again proven that by taking fast and resolute action we can contain the virus spread while we wait for vaccine supplies rollout.

We can see with the rapidly evolving situation in Sydney just how important it is for vaccination against COVID-19. Our residents have led the way and now it is our turn. I appreciate many have now had at least their first vaccine, and many have now had both doses. Our staff will be required to have their first vaccination by September 17 to access our workplace. We are hoping many will have had a second vaccine by then. We are doing all we can to encourage staff to be fully vaccinated by September.

We are also inviting our visitors to also show proof of vaccination as some of our residents chose not to be vaccinated or were physically not able to. Once you have had your vaccination, we record this on Zipline and easy and quick access for checking in is provided.

If you have had recent contact with any NSW visitors or have any symptoms of a cold or flu, please wait until you are symptom free before visiting. With a recent cold outbreak, we had to take full precautions until we could verify test results to be ‘rhinovirus’ known as the ‘common cold’.

Any of our staff, volunteers or contractors who show any symptoms such as elevated temperature, must not enter the workplace and must show a negative COVID-19 test result and be symptom free before returning. This may also mean we need to get Agency staff in to cover. So please be vigilant about spreading the common cold too. The more we can use our staff, the better for everyone.

Please consider others, share a smile and a thank you for our wonderful team who continue to work to support our residents during restrictions and lockdown.

As our partners in care, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our nursing staff for assistance. For our staff, volunteers and visitors please get your COVID-19 vaccinations and help to keep everyone safe.

Kind regards

Paul Fitzpatrick
Chief Executive Officer