COVID-19 Update 33: 20 September 2021

To Residents, Relatives, Representatives, Friends, Staff and Volunteers

Welcome back to all our visitors, time to get vaccinated against COVID-19

Hi to everyone, I am pleased to advise that we haven’t need an update for 10 weeks. In the meantime, we have remained vigilant and watched with concern the growing outbreak on the east coast. In the interim I am pleased to advise that all our staff volunteered to be vaccinated by the September 17th deadline, reaching 100% compliance. This includes our colleagues in CaterCare. It was a large effort to get everyone through and progressively availability of Pfizer improved allaying concerns. Almost 93% of our residents are vaccinated and some have been unwell or chosen not to be vaccinated.

We have done the best we can do and now will rely on visitors taking their vaccination and proof seriously and recording it on Zipline for entry. To date about 25% of visitors have recorded their COVID-19 vaccination status and we hope this improves in coming weeks.

We are now about to focus on finalising 2nd vaccination which takes efficiency to about 95%. Please join our care community in keeping everyone safe. Our Volunteers are also mostly vaccinated. I understand that freedom of movement will rely on double vaccination as we head towards Christmas. Some businesses are starting to demand all patrons/visitors show vaccination to gain entry. I envisage this will grow in demand.

Given the success of Zipline now in its 14th week, most people now have learnt to use this and have been provided support from our wonderful reception staff. We are now moving to use Zipline for you to comply with entry screening requirements under the law, with $20,000 penalties for deliberation breach. We will be undertaking random audits to ensure all visitors have their printed visitor sticker on them for each visit.

As we have confidence in our visitors, we have decided to reactivate swipe/fob access to Cooinda and provide a new entry code for the Village and House. Existing cards will be activated from the time of this notice. For those whose swipe card is not working, need one issued or need the new code, please see reception staff during normal office hours between Monday and Friday. You will need to sign on receipt. We have also decided to activate the access to be 9am to 7pm, 7 days per week, once you have your code or fob/swipe card. This will assist those wishing to visit after work, school and to assist with evening meals.

As per normal if there are concerns, enquiries or suggestions regarding care, please contact our Clinical Nurses or Care Services Managers.

Thank you for your concern for the health of our community. Any of our staff, volunteers or contractors who show any symptoms such as elevated temperature, must not enter the workplace, must show a negative COVID-19 test result, and be symptom free before returning. This extends to residents where we must notify the Health Department and undertake isolation nursing until respiratory symptoms abate and tests return a negative result. Please do not visit if you feel unwell, and certainly the obligation is on you to provide an honest screening declaration.

We continue to strive to do our best care in face of staffing changes and shortages across the sector. If you can share a smile and a thank you for our wonderful team it would be greatly appreciated so we all work to build a happy place.  Thank you to our wonderful volunteers and Chaplain who are the only visitor for some residents and provide care and friendship though music, companion dogs, art therapy and a chat. You are truly the icing on the cake for us all.

As our partners in care, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our nursing staff for assistance. For our staff, volunteers and visitors please get your COVID-19 vaccinations and help to keep everyone safe.

Kind regards

Paul Fitzpatrick
Chief Executive Officer