COVID-19 Update 21: 25 March 2021

Dear Residents, Relatives/Friends, Staff and Volunteers

Just a quick update regarding the COVID-19 vaccination rollout. Thank you to everyone who have returned the consent forms, as these determine the numbers for vaccine allocations.  If you haven’t signed the consent forms yet please do so and return a signed copy to the facility to ensure that we have all the information on file.

Only Resident vaccinations are being scheduled for now.

We are advised the following dates for vaccination teams to be onsite as:

  • Cooinda Tuesday, 30th March 2021
  • Village Wednesday, 31st March 2021.
  • House: After Easter – awaiting a confirmed date

All vaccinations are delivered by the Aspen Medical team, who will check all details, monitor post-vaccination for 15 minutes and assess suitability, as required prior to any vaccine delivery.

All resident GPs have been informed by our staff of dates by our team.

Staff vaccination dates are yet to be scheduled, and we are also mindful that seasonal influenza vaccinations will start to roll out in April.  A minimum period of two-weeks between vaccinations are required, this will be dependent on COVID-19 as first vaccination. We hope to have further advice following Commonwealth updates later in the week.

Please be mindful on these days that additional staff will be assisting residents in getting to the vaccination points and will assist in post vaccination monitoring of two hours.  Please contact the Care Service Managers or Nurse Managers at the relevant facility, should you have any concerns or need further information.

If you plan to visit, please be advised that attendance for vaccination will take precedent. Thank you all for your engagement and help in getting this done, so we have a safer future.

Kind regards

Paul Fitzpatrick
Chief Executive Officer