There’s a new look at Braemar Cooinda thanks to a partnership between the Melville based facility and the local high school.

Residents of the multi-storey Braemar facility joined forces with six school students to design and paint colourful murals on the entrances of each floor; with the aim of making it easy for residents to identify which level they were on when exiting the lifts.

The work was done in partnership with Melville Senior High school, and is a visual example of the relationship-centred approach that Braemar adheres to.

“When residents told us that they sometimes found it confusing to navigate the building, we asked them what they thought would help. It was actually a resident idea to paint the pillars different colours to improve wayfinding when exiting the lifts,” explains Carol Dickson, Cooinda’s Facility Manager.

Rather than just calling in a painter, the Braemar team worked out a way to engage residents in the process, while providing them with a social and engaging activity at the same time.

“Our team thought, ‘why not take it a step further and involve the local school’… The residents and students came together to work out a design for each level over the course of several days the space was transformed. Residents love the new designs and have made some great new friends in the process.”

The work sees a yellow colour scheme with sunflowers introduced on level 1, while blue and purple hues dominate the murals on level 2. The resulting effect is a vibrant, pleasant perspective in the lounges that make it easier for residents quickly identify where they are.

Braemar CEO Wayne Belcher said that the work was something the residents could take personal pride in.

“For everyone, decorating your home is an essential part of expressing your personality. To enable our residents to decorate their living space at Braemar Cooinda is a wonderful reflection of the creativity that people have; regardless of their age. It is a great example of how a practical solution can be achieved in a fun and engaging way.”

Braemar Cooinda was opened in 2016 and offers 108 beds including a specialist care service for people with advanced care needs. A team of aged care professionals offer care and support around the clock while meals are prepared fresh on site.