Community Benefits

It is well understood that Perth’s population is ageing. Braemar in Bicton sits within the City of Melville, which has a significantly higher proportion of older residents than many other areas.

By 2026 almost one in five local residents will be 65 or older. As the proportion of older residents grows, so to will the need for local aged care and housing services.

The redevelopment will allow ageing residents in the local area to access essential care services in a contemporary facility, and remain in their familiar neighbourhood, close to their families and friends.


Overall in the City of Melville, 14% of residents aged 65 and over require care but 60% of those cannot access residential aged care locally. Braemar therefore recognises and embraces its responsibility to assist in meeting this demand for aged care places.

Key Benefits to Bicton Area

  • Increase the provision of aged care services in an area where there is increasing demand,
  • Provide a range of aged care services, including low and high care, dementia specific and palliative care,
  • Improve the attractiveness of the building and landscaping that better integrates with the street,
  • Increased customer base for local businesses,
  • Support for the City of Melville’s Age-Friendly Community Strategy, and
  • Job opportunities in aged care and support services, and during construction.


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  1. Based on the number of residential aged care beds with a physical address within the boundary of Bicton (SSC) and City of Melville (LGA), as per the Department of Health (WA) Aged Care Services List as at 30 June 2016.
  2. Requirement for care refers to a person’s need for help or assistance in one or more of the three core activity areas of self-care, mobility and communication, because of a disability, long term health condition (lasting six months or more) or old age.

All concepts and proposed services are draft concept plans only and subject to change. All elements of Braemar’s Bicton development are subject to regulatory and council approvals.