Community demand for free workshops on dementia training has been strong, leading Braemar Presbyterian Care to add additional complimentary workshops up until November, all of which are open to the wider community.

Whilst workshops scheduled for 26 March and 23 April already have waitlists, further sessions have been scheduled for 25 June, 27 August, 29 October and 26 November, all of which will cover good dementia care, including care planning, communication and responding to a person who lives dementia when their behaviour shows anxiety and distress

Dementia Consultant at Care Partnerships Australia, Michelle Harris-Alsop, who will be heading up the workshops, says dementia impacts on everyone in the community and is the biggest health challenge of the 21st century.

“Statistics show that one person every three seconds receives a diagnosis of dementia around the globe, and the key issues for family carers include finding help and support, particularly with emotions such as guilt and fear of the future,” she says.

“The workshop will focus on the quality of life aspects for people with dementia, including the importance of activities and also practical strategies to support people, their carers and families.

“We would like as many people as possible to benefit from these free workshops and would welcome anyone who would benefit to get in contact with us.”

All workshops will take place at Willagee Community Centre which is located on Archibald Street and Winnacott Street.

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